Spectrum Communications Systems, Inc. (SCS) is a major supplier to China of RF, microwave and satellite communications systems, equipment and components. SCS has been a major supplier to Chinese RF and microwave end users and integrators since 1991. The management and technical staff of SCS in the US have been working with the Chinese telecommunications and microwave industry since the early 1980s , and completely understand the needs and business requirements for success in China.

In order to best serve the Chinese customers, SCS operates a fully staffed Branch Office in Beijing. Our Beijing Office engineers work closely with the Chinese customers to define requirements and financial budgets, and provide the necessary coordination with the SCS US office for both technical and commercial issues. The Beijing Office is also always available to provide in-country after-sales support and problem solving. This in-country real time capability makes it easy for the Chinese customer to do business with SCS.

SCS provides hardware and software products for a all RF and microwave applications. SCS engineers in the US and China will help system integrators and end users with system design details for the desired system performance at the most affordable cost. SCS US engineers then select the correct products from major equipment manufacturers and software suppliers. All products supplied by SCS are covered by the supplier’s reliability guarantees. SCS Beijing Office provides technical and service support for all products during the warranty period and then for the life of the equipment. China customer will receive service and support in China time without requiring contact with US and European companies. In most cases, SCS will make arrangements for service and repair in Beijing or at the customer site.

SCS supplies only highly reliable products from US and European suppliers who have a proven record of quality and long-term customer support. While SCS can provide products from any company, we are proud to represent selected companies who have joined with us to serve the Chinese market.

For more information, contact us at our US Headquarters, US Operations Center or Beijing Office