SCS Suppliers
SCS supplies only highly reliable products from US and European suppliers who have a proven record of quality and long-term customer support. While SCS can provide products from any company, we are proud to represent selected companies who have joined with us to serve the Chinese market. .

Satcom Products

Antenna Products

  • COTM/SOTM Antennas

    Test & Measurement Systems

  • TWT Broadband Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Broadband High Power SSPAs


    Civilian Radar

  • Klystrons and Magnetrons
  • T/R Switches and Receiver Protectors
  • High Power Components
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RF & Microwave Components

  • Traveling Wave Tubes, Klystrons, Magnetrons
  • Broadband and Linear PCM SSPA Modules and Assemblies
  • Waveguide/Coax Switches
  • LNB's
  • Waveguide components and dummy loads
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  • RF components and cables
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