SCS Products
SCS is a major supplier at three levels – complete systems; equipment and subsystems; and high technology microwave components. Our product applications include satellite communications systems, spread spectrum microwave systems, wireless systems, test and measurement systems, and civilian radar systems.


Satellite Communications
SCS is an engineering company that assists customers with system design as well as selection of the best system components and suppliers. SCS has supplied many fixed and fly-away earth stations in China for voice, data and video/TV applications. SCS can supply turnkey earth stations, integrated subsystems, selected equipment and components, and sophisticated Network Management software. Major Satcom products include TWT, Klystron and Solid State HPAs, synthesized tunable and block converters, LNAs, Test translators, Line amplifiers, equalizer, fiber optic and uplink power control unit, L-Band and 70/140 MHz modems, COTM/SOTM Antennas, antenna tracking and control systems.

Test and Measurement Systems
Many test and measurement systems require a source of high power RF or microwave energy. SCS can provide bench mount, rack mount, and modular SSPAs and TWTAs from 0.1 MHz to 31 GHz at power levels up to KWs, as well as antennas and other ancillary items.

Civilian Radar
SCS provides klystrons, magnetrons, coupled cavity TWTs, high power microwave receiver protector switches, and microwave components for civilian radars used in air traffic control, marine navigation, weather prediction and surveillance, air route navigation, and civilian airborne systems.

RF and Microwave Components
SCS engineers have many years of experience specifying and purchasing high tech RF & microwave components from major US and international suppliers. SCS can assist Chinese users in specifying and selecting components, and delivering them CIP in China, properly tested and inspected. Some examples of components actively supplied by SCS in China are: coaxial and waveguide RF & microwave passive and active components, microwave traveling wave tubes, klystrons and magnetrons; coaxial and waveguide microwave switches, and special test, measuring and manufacturing equipment for RF & microwave systems and components.