SCS provides real-time customer support in China as a valuable addition to its engineering and product supply services. Pre-contract support is available to assist customers in designing their system, identifying the required products, preparing their proposals and completing project budgets. Product support is available after contract award for status and scheduling of deliveries, delivering products to the required location, and assisting during system installation and testing. Finally, product support is provided for the life of the product, both during and after the warranty and guaranty period.

Pre-Contact Support

  • System design and analysis
  • Block/level diagrams and link budgets
  • Specification comparisons
  • Product specifications & supplier identification

Project Support

  • Program management and scheduling
  • Relevant US export documentation, licenses, freight, insurance
  • China import documentation assistance
  • System and subsystem integration assistance
  • On site installation and commissioning assistance
  • Product inspection and testing

Product Support – Beijing Office/Service Center

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics assistance
  • Product repair service
  • Supplier warranty coordination
  • Spare part return and replacement
  • After-warranty support and service
  • Spare parts purchasing